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                                                                                    SHADY BOWL SPEEDWAY GENERAL TRACK RULES 2022


The General Rules section applies to each and every racer, mechanic, and/or person entering the pits. Some items, obviously, do not apply to each class. You can easily determine which classes do not apply to you. You are expected to know the rules-ignorance will not be tolerated as an excuse.


Every driver must inspect the racing surface and race track area to learn of any defects, obstructions, or anything, which in driver's opinion is unsafe and shall report that condition in writing to the Director of Competition. Any driver participating in a racing event is considered to have inspected the track and found all conditions to be satisfactory. If not, THAT DRIVER SHOULD NOT RACE. The participant further indicates that they are aware that auto racing involves risks and assumes these risks with full awareness and knowledge. ALL DRIVERS MUST OBEY THE COMMANDS GIVEN ON THE RACE RECEIVER . SUCH AS THE LAY OVER. WATCH THE FLAGMAN ALSO FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN A BLACK FLAG FOR THE NIGHT. 2ND OFFENCE 4 RACE SUSPENSION. 3RD OFFENCE 1 FULL CALENDAR YEAR SUSPENSION. *** ANY DRIVER THAT IS A MINOR RACING IN ANY DIVISION/CLASS MUST HAVE A FULL CONTAINMENT SEAT A HANS HEAD AND NECK RESTRAINT OR EQUIVALENT.PLUS ALL OTHER MANDATORY SAFETY EQUIPMENT.


1. The driver shall be the sole spokesman for his car owner and pit crew in any and all matters pertaining to the event. At all events the driver assumes responsibility for the actions of his pit crew, whether they are in the pits or grandstand area, male or female. Verbal abuse, cursing or threatening another person will result in the ejection of the violator and possible disqualification of the car associated with the violator. Physical abuse will result in the ejection and probable arrest of the violator. The driver is responsible for any unpaid fines for crew members.

 2. Any fighting or reckless driving in the pit area may subject the offender to suspension depending upon the seriousness of the incident and the decision of the Management. Any continuing problems from the individual may result in permanent suspension.

 3. We demand courteous conduct from all participants at all times. We do not tolerate profanity in front of race fans or officials or management, profane signs on your car or clothes, unusual dress or hairstyles. We expect you to look like a professional and act like one. Be clean, uniformed, and look respectable.

 4. The possession, consumption or distribution of ANY alcohol beverage or controlled substance at any time while in the restricted areas is strictly prohibited.(PIT area)

 5. At any time the display of any type of weapon or threat of bodily harm will result in permanent suspension for the entire racing crew and will result in arrest of all parties involved.

 6. Any person entering a pit area other than their own where a disturbance of any kind occurs will be considered to be at fault.

 7. Fighting will not be tolerated anywhere on the grounds or access roads to the speedway, no matter what the provocation. Rough driving, swearing, obscene language or gestures will not be tolerated and will be regarded as unsportsmanlike conduct subject to disciplinary action. If fighting should occur, both parties and/or crew will be ejected immediately.

 8. When in the pit area, maintain a constant watch for your own protection. Drivers and/or pit personnel operating race cars in the pit area shall do so safely. Maximum speed limit is 15 miles per hour.

 9. Each racer is expected to participate in every event that is possible for him or her to run. When a racer refuses to participate because of his or her disagreement with the length, type or style of the race, he or she is subject to suspension for a period determined by the management.

 10. Any person involved in any form of protest or demonstration against the speedway on or near the speedway property may be permanently barred from future entry at the speedway.

 11. Promoter reserves the right to enforced, update, revise or cancel any of the rules stated herein for the betterment of racing.

 12. All children 18 and under must have parental consent form on file before entering pit area.

 13. the track 0fficials or racing director can make a final ruling on race night or give a final ruling up to 3 days later depending on the severity of offense.


 When involved in an accident involving an injury to yourself, advise the EMT staff immediately so the necessary reporting will be accomplished...NO CLAIMS WILL BE CONSIDERED UNLESS REPORTED PRIOR TO LEAVING THE SPEEDWAY PROPERTY THAT DAY. Contact the EMT and give him or her a full report before you leave the speedway. If physically unable, your crew must be responsible for this report.

 1. After having placed a claim for benefits, a doctor's release will be required before being allowed to participate in a racing event.





 2. The Speedway Management and Officials will establish the length, frequency and administration of all events and programs and when their decision is rendered, that decision is FINAL AND BINDING. Exceptions to the rules and specifications may be made on a temporary basis at the discretion of the Director of Competition.

 3. The Management and Officials will determine all finishing positions and their decision is final.

 4. Any complaints, disputes, questions or problems must be directed to the Director of Competition immediately following the event for the action or follow the Rule book.

 5. It is the duty of all drivers, car owners and mechanics to bring to the attention of the Officials any unsafe equipment or practices or any rule infraction of any car or driver.

 6. The dumping of oil, gas or any other contaminate onto the ground is prohibited. Anyone caught doing so will be heavily fined.

 7. Do not leave your discarded tires in the pits. These are to be taken with you, or you will be fined $10.00 for each tire.

 8. Continuous development in racing may necessitate changes that we cannot anticipate at the time the rules are formulated. Hence,      we may, if necessary, modify and add or delete rules at any time without prior announcement.


 1. The only people allowed on the race track and infield are racing Officials and race cars. Everyone must stay away at all times unless requested to assist for some special reason. Drivers may seek a place of safety in the infield following disablement. When crashed, stay in your car. DO NOT get out and examine the damage to your car. Remember this: Do not examine your car while  the track is under a yellow flag or red flag unless a track OFFICIAL gives you the ok if this rule is violated driver will be DQ,ED!!.  Pit crews, owners and personnel related to any car are not allowed on the track following an accident or injury. Any crew member or persons going onto the track in said period without permission will be subject to disciplinary action and/or fined.

 2. Do not enter the racing surface without express authorization FROM A TRACK OFFICIAL at the track entrance and signal for you to proceed.

 3. Any competing vehicle whose speed has been reduced to a point where it causes a safety problem or endangers the track activity will not be tolerated and will be removed from the racing surface at the opinion of the Officials. When a caution flag is raised, be aware and know the car number in front of you. Race line ups will be posted on the track. Line up in order. We will not hold up any races just because you do not know your position. If you are not in the proper position when the green flag drops, you will go the the tail, and lose your position because that is where you will be scored. We will not wait for you. Remember we will not make extra laps for car positions. Ignorance is no excuse. You came to race and that is what we expect. When you enter the race track, you are to come to the racing surface race ready. Respect your fellow racer and follow the rules.

 4. Our racing program is based on the availability of enough qualified vehicles. If this number is not available, alternate scheduling or programming will be used.

 5. No driver may get out of his or her car on the track under caution yellow flag or red flag unless a track OFFICIAL gives an ok  do not argue or discuss the race with the Starter or Official. Driver may not work on his or her car on the track when the red flag is out. If this rule is violated, the driver may be disqualified for the event or suspended or fined according to the decision of the Officials.

 6. Any event is completed when over half of the schedule length has been run by the leader or terminated by the Officials for safety reasons.

 7. No race car is authorized to carry passengers internally or externally.

 8. If you wreck or break from warm-ups, you must have the problem verified by the pit steward to retain your feature position.

 9. If there is a driver change, the driver will have to notify the pit steward prior to the start of the race. If not notified, the car will be disqualified and driver will lose money and points to the track for the event.

 10. If you return to the pits at any time, you cannot re-enter the track under green flag conditions unless so directed by the on ramp flagman when he determines it is safe. If you are allowed to re-enter the track under yellow or red flag conditions you must start at the rear of the field. if a driver purposely brings out the caution that driver will be deemed 2 laps down (Do not stop on track then take off after caution comes out ) .



 1. All points shall be earned by the starting driver, even if a driver change occurs during a race. Payments will be made to the starting driver.

 2. Payoff will be made only for the events actually completed. Never will any event be paid when it is not run.

 3. When a program is shortened by rain or some unforeseeable or fortuitous event, yet "considered" complete after heat races are run and no rain check is issued, payoff will be made for the events completed.

 4. When the races are over and you have been cleared through tech, you may collect winnings at the payoff building located in the pits next to the track on-ramp. ( tow money in the amount for your class is yours if you broke, or other reasons you could not race but showed up and tried )

 5. DRIVER MUST COLLECT WINNINGS. Must show proper I.D. and Social Security numbers.


 1. If at any time the conduct of any team member or driver is discredit to the Speedway, the racing industry or to him or herself, he or she may be removed from all racing activity at the Speedway. The driver is responsible for all the people associated with his or her car, including sponsors, crew persons, visitors, etc.



 1. General appearance of pit personnel must be neat and clean or they will not be welcome.

 2. The same car will not be allowed to compete in two separate divisions. Driver must determine what class he or she will run in when entering pits.

 3. The top 3 or up to 5 cars plus 1 random car picked by tech are to weigh in after the feature plus any other car(s) that race director chooses. Failure to do so will result in loss of position.

 4. All first time cars and drivers are to be weighed and inspected when arriving at speedway.


 1. Any car found illegal after a race inspection will RECEIVE LAST PLACE MONEY AND POINTS for the event to the race track.

**If at any time, a driver, crew member, mechanic or person entering the pits has any question regarding any rule, they must locate a track official for clarification of said rule before being able to PARTICIPATE in any event.**

If a feature winner is disqualified due to cheating (illegal parts, under weight, etc.), the second place finisher will be be declared the winner and receive first place money and points.

If a feature winner is disqualified for fighting*, the second place finisher will NOT be declared the winner. The track will keep first place money and add it to the points fund. *Fighting WILL INCLUDE any physical altercation between a driver and/or members of his or her pit crew. Pit crews are defined as ALL persons who have paid admission to the pit side of the track to support their driver, whether they perform any duties on the car or not. If pit crew members enter into the grandstand area, the driver will still be held responsible for their pit crew member's actions. If a pit crew member is involved in an altercation on the grandstand side, management reserves the right to determine who instigated the altercation. If it is found that an altercation was started by a party not associated with the driver, it will be left to the discretion of the management on if the driver will be disqualified.


All persons entering the pits MUST write the name of the driver they are in the pits to support on the sign in sheet. No exceptions!